Sigwarth Glass Studio-Independent Artist Podcast

  Will and Douglas  

Join hosts, Douglas Sigwarth and Will Armstrong as they explore topics that affect the lives and the livelihoods of art show artists.


Douglas is a glass blower from River Falls, Wisconsin and Will is a mixed media artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both share something in common; they travel the country and make their living from selling the artwork they have created back home in their studios.


There are thousands of other artists who hit the road and set up their work on displays under white tents at art fairs and festivals; in parks and on city streets all across this land. These artists are fueled by the passion of creating their work and interacting with the collectors who find inspiration from what they do.


This year has been rough for many art show artists. Aside from the economic struggles, most artists have been away from their tribe for over a year. This podcast is meant to serve as a point of connection. A chance to check in and have conversations with those who make up this amazing and creative community.


Whether you are an artist or a collector; or someone who just loves art shows, The Independent Artist Podcast is sure to have a topic for you.

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Sigwarth Glass Studio 586 Wyngate Drive River Falls, Wisconsin 54022/ (715) 377-3210

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