Beautiful art glass created to enhance the look of your landscape. These durable, handblown globes are magical blossoms mounted on copper. Each globe comes with a copper pole to push into the ground.

Approximate sizes: 7" diameter-$95, 9"diameter-$135, 11" diameter $175, 13" diameter $225
(most common sizes show at art fairs are sm 7"/med 9"/ lg 13")

**Optional black steel base with stainless posts: Round (holds 3 globes) $195/ Oval (holds 5 globes) $225
Black bases are an option for displaying globe clusters in a freestanding setting like indoors, a patio or deck.


Click on our CONTACT PAGE to place an order or to inquire. Message us your selections and we will email you back a confirmation of your order and an invoice from the SQUARE to securely process your payment online.

aqua/citron top red multi hot mix yellow spiral granny apple/orange top ruby/orange top
dk green multi-top/pastel purple/orange top jewel multi cobalt multi-top/jewel sea green multi-top/gold
purple multi-top/gold gold multi sea blue/yellow top red solid stripe orange multi-top/gold
rainbow ruby multi-top/pastel purple/ruby top blue multi aqua opal white
bristol multi-top/green yellow multi hot mix orange spiral sea green/red top purple multi-top/jewel
aqua multi-top/blue white solid stripe purple opal white topaz multi-top/gold red/orange top
topaz/ruby top citron opal white green multi white multi-top/gold cobalt multi-top/gold
ruby opal white aqua multi-top/green dk green/ruby purple multi-top/pastel pastel multi
sea green multi-top/green purple multi-top/blue topaz multi-top/pastel white multi-top/blue aqua/purple top
orange multi hot mix cobalt/red top purple solid stripe sea green opal white topaz solid stripe
red opal white sea blue multi-top/gold citron multi-top/pastel sea green multi-top/jewel ruby/yellow top
yellow multi-top/gold lapis/yellow top red multi-top/gold aqua multi-top/pastel orange/yellow top


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