The work featured on this page reflect some of the inventory we are currently showing at art fairs. Each piece is a one of a kind original and availabilty may change quickly.

Click on our CONTACT PAGE to inquire about a particular piece or to make a purchase. We use the SQUARE to email you an invoice to securely process your payment online with all major credit cards.

"Cactus Blossom" sculpture $12,000/ 2'x2'x7.5'   "Silver Leaf Vase"- Sea Green/Aqua $650/8"x8"x15"
"Cactus Blossom" close-up $12,000/ 2'x2'x7.5'   "Watercolor Vase"-nuetral palette $750/ 9'"x9"x13.5"
"Silver Leaf Vase"- Bristol Green $450/8"x8"x13"   "Watercolor Bowl"- cool palette $875/10"x10"x12"
Pastel "Lollipop" sculpture $950/9"x4"x18"   Red"Lollipop" sculpture $950/9"x4"x18.5"
Large Red Flame Trio $1395/12"x12"x17"   "Silver Leaf Vase"-ruby/topaz $425/7"x7"x12"
"Clear Bowl with Blown Marbles" $450/11"x11"x9.5"    


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